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Cargo / Freight / Industrial Elevators

Cargo / Freight / Industrial Elevators

Cargo / Freight Elevators are specifically designed to carry cargo (goods) rather than people. The capacity of a cargo lift varies as per the customer requirement. However, they typically start in the range of 1 Ton (1000 Kg) and go on upwards.

There are usually two types of Cargo Lifts.

The First Type is an enclosed cabin-type similar to a regular elevator. The difference being that the cabin width, depth and height are much larger than usual in order to accommodate cargo as per the customer requirement.

The Second Type uses a hydraulic system and moves on guide-rail system. This complete lift is made in steel and comes with either one of more hydraulic cylinders. An Electric station houses the motor and oil that is used to pump into the cylinder to move the platform up and down. A hydraulic cargo lift is industrial looking and is typically used in warehouses and factories.

We also offer other type of cargo lifts such as listed below:
Car Lifts
Mobile Scissor Lift
Stationary Scissor Lift
Self-Propelled Scissor Lift
Aluminum Aerial Platform Lift
Towable Articulated Boom Lift
Mobile Container Ramp
Stationary Dock Leveler
Truck Mounted Scissor Lift
Scissor Lift Trolley
Hydraulic Stage Lift
Hydraulic Cylinder Vertical Lift